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FOOTWEAR Disinfection

Steri-Step restricts the spread of infectious germs crossing your entrance by effectively & quickly disinfecting footwear.

Kills 99.99% of Germs

Footwear carries millions of pathogens like viruses, bacterial, fungi, spores. Steri-Step kills 99.99% of them in 6 seconds.

Protected by vyrol

We use VYROL, a revolutionary patented disinfectant which is Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, cause No Skin Irritation and is Alcohol-Free.

zero maintenance

Steri-Step is easy to maintain and require minimum manual interventions. The product comes with 1-year global warranty.

How it Works

Steri-Step is a sole sanitising machine where disinfectant is sprayed at the bottom of your footwear. Just stand on the machine for a few seconds and your sole will be completely sanitised and free of all pathogens such as Bacteria, Viruses, Spores and fungi. It is easy to install, quickly movable and is almost like the plug & play device. Steri-Step ensures that someone walking up to your area does not bring any types of pathogens along with their footwear. 

safety begins at door


It is the need of the hour that, Industries take floor cleanliness and hygiene as an essential part of the EHS program. To keep employees, contractors and customers in safe, healthy conditions every area of a facility must be disinfected including footwears. Steri-Step delivers an atomises spray of VYROL onto footwear soles and it reaches hard & hidden spaces of the industrial shows and deactivates the germs. The atomised spray provides ample coverage to footwears soles, minimises wastage & controls moisture.


Hospitals floors should not be considered risk free of harmful pathogens. Breathing, talking, sneezing and coughing can easily expel respiratory droplets into an environment which can be inhaled or swallowed, settle on people, surfaces or floors spreading infections. These organic materials that settle onto floors can be disturbed by walking and pulled along in the body. Adoption of Steri-Step in high contact areas will break the chain of pathogen transmission.

Public Transport

Steri-Steps is an effective way to ensure hygiene in public transport such a metro, bus stations and airports. The heavy-duty construction of Steri-Step ensures long term durability and with VYROL as the disinfectant, it is 100% safe for the environment, and humans.  The versatility of Steri-Step allows it to be used in multiple units in high traffic areas. The automatic flow control system also comes with a handle to provide a safe and secure handhold when in use.

Home, Restaurants, Events

In apartments, restaurants or a social gathering, it is our responsibility to plan & ensure hygiene standards are maintained. With the congression of people, footwears often become the carriers of pathogens. Similarly, while returning home, proper care must be taken to ensure no harmful microbes enter the house along with you. With Steri-Step at your doorstep, many such intrusion of microbes through footwear can be eliminated.

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